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Top 10 Home Remedies for Knee Ligament Pain (Quick Relief)

Knee ligaments are bands of tissues that are elastic. They help to connect one bone to another to offer strength and stability to your knee joint. Your knee has four of these ligaments, which help connect the (thigh bone) femur to the (shin bone) tibia.

Your 4 Knee Ligaments Include:

Anterior cruciate ligament – found in the center of the knee and controls forward and rotation movements of the shin bone.
Posterior cruciate ligament – found at the back of the knee and controls the backward movement of the shin bone.
Medial collateral ligament – it provides the inner knee with stability.
Lateral collateral ligament – it makes the outer knee stable.

Causes of Knee Ligament Pain

The causes of ligament pain and injury are quite diverse and may occur in your day to day activities. They include the following:

• Awkward landing after a jump
• Coming to a sudden halt when walking or running
• Changing direction sharply
• Pivoting movements with feet firmly on the ground
• Tackle or blow to the knee due to a collision.

Symptoms of Knee Ligament Pain

In case you are involved in any of the factors that may lead to a knee ligament injury, several symptoms will show. Some of the symptoms may be gradual, while some may come immediately. These symptoms may include the following:

• Swelling of the knee which may occur rapidly
• A popping sound or feeling in the knee
• Excruciating pain in the knee
• An instant loss of motion and inability to move the knee
• You may also become unstable and feel like you can’t support your weight.

Home Remedies for Knee Ligament Pain

Interestingly, the highest number of individuals who suffer from ligament pains are quite active. Even though other factors may contribute to experiencing the pain, you will mostly find athletes with this injury. So, once you detect the symptoms of knee ligament injury, what is the remedy to get rid of knee pain naturally?

Hospitals are the first options that come to mind. But have you considered the home remedies you could use to provide knee ligament pain relief? Well, the methods are quite comfortable and useful in eliminating the immediate discomfort and pain you have. Let’s take a look at the top ten remedies you could use.

1. Using turmeric

Turmeric contains curcumin, which is one of the major components of anti-inflammatory features. The compound helps in getting rid of knee pain naturally while reducing any inflammation of the affected part. The turmeric is added to a glass of milk and consumed. You can also decide to make a turmeric paste and apply it to the area that has been affected. It helps in providing knee ligament pain relief and in reducing the swelling of the affected area.

2. Massage using essential oils

Massage helps to ease the tension and get rid of knee pain naturally. When you use the ointment to do the massage, it not only reduces the pain but also eliminates the stiffness of the affected part. The stiffness of the knee is the main reason for immobility when you experience a knee ligament injury. For the massage to be effective, have somebody with the necessary skills to conduct it for you.

3. Heat and cold

This simple home remedy is useful in providing knee ligament pain relief. When you apply heat to the affected area, it reduces the knee’s stiffness levels. It also eases the strain on the muscles causing them to relax while improving joint lubrication.
The use of ice as anti-inflammatory helps reduce the levels of inflammation, swelling, and get rid of knee pain naturally.

4. Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar commonly abbreviated as ACV has anti-inflammatory properties, according to studies. The ingredients are readily accessible in the kitchen and don’t take much time to prepare. The mixture is effective in relieving pain in the ligaments.

It is commonly associated with chronic pain caused by arthritis. Taking this concoction helps in eliminating the pain and makes it possible for you to operate normally.

5. Strengthening exercises

Strengthening exercises are one of the most effective ways to get knee ligament pain relief. You need to consider working with a physical therapist. Having the most effective program will significantly help strengthen the thighs and upper muscles which join to the knee.

The exercises can use body-weight with no need for special equipment. They may include stepping up and down from a chair or straightening a leg while sitting down.

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6. Aromatherapy

The use of essential oils over time proves to help in getting rid of knee pain naturally. You can use ginger and orange, which studies have shown to be able to relieve both moderate and severe pain.

The active essential oils contain sesame oil, ginger, cinnamon, and mastic. The essential oils are readily available in stores and online platforms.


Price refers to the protection, rest, ice, elevation and compression strategy to get rid of knee pain naturally. This method is useful when it comes to treating mild injuries due to the trauma experienced. The protective aspect makes sure that there is no additional injury to the knee, while rest helps heal much faster. By not applying any pressure to the knee, you get rid of knee pain naturally.

Ice is ideal when it comes to reducing swellings and inflammation. You must apply ice on the affected part using a piece of cloth. The cloth shields the effects that may result in direct skin contact with the ice. This procedure should be done multiple times a day for about 15 minutes at a time. Elevating the leg helps improve blood circulation and ultimately reduces the swelling, aiding in knee ligament pain relief.

8. Cayenne pepper

Cayenne pepper is another home remedy that you can use to get rid of knee pain naturally. Cayenne pepper contains capsaicin, which provides knee ligament pain relief. The compound contains anti-inflammatory properties and analgesic activities.

To make the mixture, you need olive oil, three tablespoons of cayenne pepper, and grated beeswax. Mix these components thoroughly and refrigerate, then apply whenever required in the affected area for knee ligament pain relief.

9. Olive oil

Olive oil is effective in knee ligament pain relief when applied to the affected area. The components of olive oil include oleuropein, tyrosol, and hydroxytyrosol, which have anti-inflammatory properties. They prevent the swelling of the knee while helping in getting rid of knee pain naturally.

To use the olive oil, apply it on your hands, and gently massage the knee affected with your palms. You need to leave the oil on the area involved for it to evaporate. You can then clean and wash off after about 30-40 minutes.

10. Mustard Oil

Mustard oil can help in providing knee ligament pain relief due to its healing and anti-inflammatory properties. For effective results, you should apply the olive oil several times a day. The oil is massaged into the affected area thoroughly as many times as is necessary. You can also use this home remedy in combination with chopped garlic and clove to effectively get rid of knee pain naturally.


The home-made remedies that have been discussed in this article provide you with the most efficient ways to relieve ligament pain. They are easy to implement and use common materials that are easily accessible.

It is also essential for you to exercise preventive measures. You should always try to maintain flexibility, make slow changes, and warm-up before robust activities. You should also consider strengthening your thigh muscles and conduct regular stretches.

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